To craft the finest qualities of food and drinks for our customers.

How it began:

Wayne and Stephanie, passionate about their Taiwanese heritage, opened the first Tapioca Express store in the San Gabriel Valley in 1999 – one of the very first boba chains in the United States. Since the beginning, Tapioca Express has harvested the finest ingredients from Taiwan and continually provides quality teas, boba, and snacks. However, we did not foresee that boba’s popularity would manifest into its own culture and become an everyday lifestyle. Today, Tapioca Express expands across California and into other states, including Washington, Texas, and Virginia. In our two decades of experience in brewing, we focus on nurturing and enriching communities with the finest teas, coffee, and boba.

  1. California’s First Boba

    Sold California’s first boba milk tea in Alhambra’s Golden Valley Plaza.

    1999 Mainstore
  2. Welcoming New Franchises

    Expanded the Franchise to Northern California and out-of-state.

    2001 NorCal and Out of State Franchises
  3. Recognized by Asian Business Association

    Tapioca Express Owners receives an award for The Strength of Teamwork at the ABA’s  27th Annual Awards Banquet.

    2003 Asian Business Association Award
  4. Introduces Yogurt Frost

    Announced the company’s first dessert item – the Yogurt Frost, a yogurt drink topped with fresh fruits. This innovated recipe combines the yogurt’s tart flavor and ripe fruits to create a refreshing treat for our customers to enjoy.

    Yogurt Frost Introduced
  5. Tapioca Express joins UCSD

    Launched the company’s first campus location in the University of California, San Diego.

    2007 Tapioca Express UCSD Opens
  6. Chi Chi Fries

    Tapioca Express’ R&D team develops the Chi Chi Fries, a combination of crispy chicken, cheese, and fries drizzled with our secret sauce – a blend of chipotle and barbeque sauce with our signature spice. This item became our best seller of 2013.

    2013 Creation of Chi Chi Fries
  7. Walmart embraces Tapioca Express first store in Texas

    Signed Walmart’s master lease resulting in our first Walmart location in Frisco.

    2017 Texas Locations Opens
  8. Order in with UberEats!

    Partnered with UberEats to offer food delivery services at our store locations. Check out our store locator to see which stores you can order from!

    Uber Eats available now
  9. Sea Salt Cheese Foam and Tiramisu Foam Series

    Used with Fat-Free milk and Pink Himalayan Salt.  Using the best quality for our customers! It’s always made to order for a delicious fresh taste.