1. Fill out our Franchise Application(s) and email it back to us.
  2. To proceed with your application, we require you to pay $25 (per applicant) to run you and/or your partner’s credit report. After you fill out application forms, please contact our sales team and pay here. Please note that the $25 is not refundable. Pay Now
  3. Provide us with your resume.
  4. Provide your past 6-month personal financial statement to Tapioca Express Inc. Tapioca Express requires applicants to show a total of $200,000~$250,000 in liquid assets.
  5. Tapioca Express will review your application and may request you to provide additional information, if necessary.




  1. Meet with our Franchise Manager for an in-depth overview of TE’s franchise concept and franchise system.
  2. Qualification, evaluation, and approval will be determined.
  3. Review our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document).
  4. Sign our Franchise Agreement.


Location Assessment

  1. Review the criteria for location selection.
  2. Arrange site visits and submit your letter of intent.
  3. Review and sign the lease for your location.


Store Built-out

  1. Receive our TE spec book.
  2. A complete site floor plan will need to be approved by TE.
  3. A complete site plan must be approved by the local government.
  4. Begin construction work at the site.
  5. Receive training from our Restaurant Operations Team while your store is being built. You will also receive a TE operations manual.


Grand Opening

  1. During this period, you will start training store employees.
  2. Pass all of the inspections from local governmental agencies.
  3. Receive 3-day store opening support from TE headquarter during your Soft Opening.
  4. Grand Opening and store officially opens.
  5. TE Headquarter will conduct a store audit.


Franchise Contact Form

Franchise Contact Form

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How much is average gross sales for a Tapioca Express store?

The financial performance or profitability of a Tapioca Express franchise varies depending on store location, management skill, operation experience, and numerous other factors. An estimate of a proposed store would be too speculative to be meaningful. Thus, as a matter of policy, we do not make any earnings claims. None of our employees or agent are authorized to provide you with projections of your earnings, sales, or profitability. We urge you to retain the services of experienced professionals such as financial advisers, lawyers, accountants, etc.

What is the initial Tapioca Express payment?

The initial payment to Tapioca Express of $51,000 consists of a few things. (1) There is a $15,000 initial franchise fee for five years. After the initial five years, you will have a renewal option of $3,000 for an additional two years. Also, (2) there is a $10,000 product deposit fee to secure your future payment obligation to us. The product deposit is refundable at the termination of our franchise agreement. (3) There is also a $3,000 training fee for a 10-day training program. (4) There is a $17,000 payment for three mandatory equipment purchase, which includes a POS cash register, Espresso Machine, and a water purifying system. (5) There is a $6,000 fee for marketing materials including menu boards, to-go menu, loyalty card, and other marketing-related materials.

Could I just purchase your products or receive training without becoming a franchisee?

While we reserve the right to sell our product via different channels in the future in the franchise agreement, we have no current plans to do so. We currently provide our products and training for our franchise stores only.

Why do I need $200,000 ~ $527,000 for start up?

Besides $51,000 as an initial payment to Tapioca Express, there are some other expenses you should expect. For example, construction costs range from $30,000 to $150,000. The cost of equipment ranges from $30,000 to $70,000. The cost of furniture & fixture ranges from $6,000 to 15,000. Initial inventory costs range from $9,000 to $20,000. And, other costs & expenses range from $27,500 to 113,500

How much is the start-up cost to open a Tapioca Express store?

Our start-up cost is around $200,000 ~$527,000 in liquid assets, including an initial Tapioca Express payment of $51,000.00.

Do you charge Royalty and Marketing fees?

Yes, we do charge Royalty and Marketing fees like other franchises. As a part of on-going obligations, you will pay a monthly Royalty equal 2.5% of your Gross Revenue each month or $500, whichever is greater. Marketing fee meaning equal to 0.5% of your gross sales or $100, whichever is greater. Therefore, the total percentage charged will be 3% or $600, whichever is greater.